Our Facilitators

Brenda Baker - A Freesoul Institute

Brenda Baker, PH.D., LPC

"Grandchildren activated my lens of Wholeness. My eyes became magic. All I could see and experience in each of them was perfection. This powerful energy got me thinking. If perfection is in them, then it must be in all of us!

Simply entertaining this notion seemed to make me eligible to receive the full message of A Freesoul Experience. Piece by piece, The Simple Story was written. Its truth and wisdom touched me so profoundly and deeply that I was compelled to share it with others. Right before my eyes, people were shifting. The experience of happiness and freedom was instantly seen on their faces.

Now every opportunity to share it excites me. It truly is magic. Who wouldn't want to experience magic?"

In her unique psycho-spiritual approach, Brenda serves as a companion, guide, and advocate for others. Brenda has degrees in education, psychology and metaphysics and is able to creatively integrate the fields to draw out an individual's personal Greatness. Brenda's training and expertise reveals powerful tools and techniques that bring about healing and transformation in order to move forward in life by following the unique song of the heart to lead to the greatest wisdom - always found within.

Jalea Baker, A Freesoul Institute

Jalea Baker, MA, LPC

"For me, A Freesoul Experience offers freedom. It gives a breath of truth, clarity, and understanding of who I am and the experience I am having in this Earth life. The use of A Freesoul Experience with clients has altered their view of self from helpless and sick to empowered and whole. Wow!"

Jalea has felt the calling to support others in discovering the depths of who they are within. She has a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling and has practiced as a licensed practitioner in Colorado. By creating genuine connection through humor, and seeing Greatness in others, Jalea has walked with others to find healing and purpose.

Jalea offers psychotherapy for ages 13 and up.
She works with the person from a Whole perspective by participating in his/her journey as a guide. She offers stability as the individual identifies the depth of who he/she is and achieves what is needed to heal.