Simple is Easy to Keep Up With

Aah! Simplicity! Slowness! Clarity! Peace! STILLNESS! These words describe my existence right now. Gone, for the time being, are the rushed morning schedules, packing the numerous bags needed for school and office, commutes to the office and school, running numerous errands, and arranging child care. These seem like small things and yet they free me in a physical, mental and emotional way. 

What’s left? The freedom and with it the feeling of Aah, the existence of a Freesoul.  Allow me to share some of the freedom tickets that have been handed to me: 

  • enjoying slow, long meditations
  •  meal planning and cooking (to the delight of my family members);
  •  frequent visits with my father 
  • weekly text conversations with my sisters
  • staying caught up with office work
  • resting
  • playing the piano
  • time to ponder (think about) my next task or activity
  • sitting in my living room 
  • being fully present with my loved ones 
  • writing and expanding Freesoul 
  • daily walks or bike rides 
  • making do with what I have
  •  and even time to be patience

Simple is easy to keep up! 

My heart is calmer, my mind is clear and my existence is aah. This is just what I was yearning for! In his book Your Life is Your Message, Eknath Easwaran reminds his readers the benefits of a simple life. 

“There is a close connection between slowing down, living simply, and bringing beauty and love into our lives…If every man and woman will try to simplify life in accordance with their needs and the context in which they live, they will find they have plenty of time to love.”

Slow, calm, and free. This is a Freesoul Experience.