You Decide: Is this time for you or against?

“This virus is creating the circumstances of fear to justify the solution.” -David Icke

Have you experienced this to be true? People, who are doing their very best, are making decisions that seem uncharacteristic and crazy. Refuse to cooperate. Refuse to manifest an experience of fear. If you believe the world is AGAINST you then you are manifesting experiences that support that. If you believe the world is FOR you, then you create those kinds of experiences. Through this new experience of mandated quarantine look for stories of humanity, kindness, laughter, love, peace, joy, freedom, and abundance. When you seek these out, you will create more of those experiences.

And if we can go further and find gratitude (See Wholeness) during this time, the greater we will feel and create experiences of Wholeness. So try this on for size: “Thank you coronavirus for allowing me to see the fears that exist in my life. Through this curriculum I am able to learn where I have more growth opportunity. What a wonderful experience to know exactly where I can focus my growth energy.”

This is A Freesoul Experience!