Great Pause is happening in the world around us. Thank you, coronavirus! The fear about this virus is opening up and offering an opportunity and giving pause to our existing world. What meaning can be given to this history making and interesting time? How about a Freesoul meaning?! 

A Freesoul Experience is living free (and happy) anytime, anywhere, with anyone, under any circumstance.  Freedom is the goal! Let’s find the “freedom ticket” in this circumstance. 

One tenant of Freesoul is: The world is set up for us! Circumstance is Divine Planning.Every circumstance is handing out freedom. The Earth has been set up for the business of overcoming fear. By overcoming it, freedom is gained. Within each circumstance there is at least one, if not more, tickets to freedom.  What freedom ticket is being handed out by this Great Pause?

Health! The world is focused on health… or is it fear… no, it’s health… or is it fear… or is it…. Ugh…you decide. The world message seems to be “stay home and concern yourself with health.” Thank you! Permission is being given, (Thank you world… I was waiting for you to tell me what to do!) to disengage from the world. What a grand freedom ticket!  Simplicity. 

This Great Pause is handing out snow days – unexpected free time. Yippee! With the closing of sporting events, schools, businesses and other time absorbing activities, we are gifted with more time… to get healthy. Let’s get healthy … and free.

Freedom Ticket One 

Go along with this circumstance. It’s not a crisis or something to fight. It is an opportunity for new experience. Rather than fight this Great Pause, welcome it. Give it permission instead of resistance. It is here to help you overcome fear. Allowing it puts you… not fear… in charge. When we are in charge we can decide and give the meaning that helps us feel better. There is great freedom in allowing things to be as they are. 

Freedom Ticket Two

Physically, get healthy. Wash your hands. Drink water. Take walks (in the great outdoors… not the mall). Focus on body and environment health. Clean your house, your garage, your vehicles, your yards. Sit. Rest. Smile. Listen to the arrival of the spring time birds and other sounds around you. Drink a cup of tea. Listen to the sounds around you. Notice the shapes and colors. Find the joy, abundance and freedom in these simple things.

Freedom Ticket Three

Tending to physical health is only the beginning. The well-being of your inner home, made up of your mind and the emotional and spiritual heart, is the most vital.The deepest, real and lasting freedom comes from inside. The mind needs a break. Free it from scary and frightening thoughts… like the cause of this Great Pause. Free it from thoughts, story and belief of your unworthiness. Free it from thoughts and judgments of others or the world happenings.  Think only on things that are pure, beautiful and freeing. Give the experience a thought that eels Aah. This is a practice that takes effort and time, so start now on the path of freedom in this slow-down time.

Freedom Ticket Four

Essence is the strongest part of your inner world. The Great Pause is giving you a time to include a spiritual practice into your daily life to connect to this great ally. When craziness ceases and there is a quiet and silent space, Essence can be heard. The language will be simple, slow and easier to be heard in a slow down time… like the Great Pause. Perhaps this is the greatest freedom ticket of all: the opportunity to break down the barriers of fear and be led by your very own Essence… that part of you that is eternal, unchangeable, all knowing and free.

Are you ready to be healthy and Whole? Are you ready to be happy and free? Are you ready to experience Aah? Start here… now… with the Great Pause. This is an opportunity to slow-down and exist simply because this is a Freesoul Experience.