Judgments of Others

Do you believe people are doing their best? I want you to imagine the first person that pops into your mind. Is someone coming up? Think about the choices this person makes, the thoughts they share, the way they carry themselves in the world. Do you believe this person is doing their best? How easy is it to look at someone and judge? They are just lazy. They are selfish. They should know better. Judgements are prying tools that can easily lead to anger, resentment, and taking things personally. Basically, a GREAT BIG ICK!

I have had a long-held belief that EVERY PERSON is living at the peak of their ability, knowledge, and experiences. The threshold of best can vary greatly from person to person based on these three areas. When someone learns better, they do better. For example, think of a young child learning to walk. Many falls happen in these first attempts. That baby is doing their best at a very different level of best than an adult who has been walking for decades.  Personal best can also vary based on the moment. My best when I am healthy and well-rested varies greatly from my best when I have the flu. Although levels of best vary from person to person and from moment to moment, it is still the best a person can do. 

The truth is, having a perspective of people doing their best is from a selfish place. From this perspective anger can be released, judgements can dissipate, and compassion can grow. Although I do not know for sure if everybody is doing their best, this perspective allows for an experience of peace, joy, freedom, abundance, and love.

This is A Freesoul Experience.