What is Freesoul?

Freesoul is a noun and a verb. It’s a person that is happy and free anytime, anywhere, with anyone, under any circumstance. It’s also an experience that is happy and free anytime, anywhere, with anyone, under any circumstance.  Freesoul gives a perspective that takes fear and panic out of life.

How did Freesoul begin?

Brenda has been working on this concept for years. This is her life’s work. It started activating after having grandchildren.  In this role, Brenda was able to see how each of those children had this bright shining Essence. Suddenly, she realized that these beings had everything they need within and it was the job of the parents to get out of the way. She began to lead parenting classes at the request of some clients. Brenda quickly realized that this was much bigger than she had thought. This was a paradigm shift. It goes deeper than just parenting. It has become a way of living in every situation…and so much more.

What is Freesoul’s mission?

To share a story of freedom.

What stops people from living as a Freesoul?

Fear.  Outside programming, people pleasing, scarcity thinking.  Fear is programmed into us at an early age and as we learn to buy into it, we begin to live a life disconnected from Essence. The legacy of fear has been passed down through the ages. Our parents, their parents, their parents and so forth. Once we recognize fear in action, what it looks like, how it feels, what is sounds like, then we can begin to self-correct and return to our Wholeness.

How are you getting this message out?

Social media (Facebook, Instagram), our website, working with counseling clients, presentations, workshops, and talking about it with anyone that has ears to listen.

Who are the facilitators?

A mother/daughter duo that is passionate about living in freedom. Brenda is quiet, contemplative, and still while Jalea is bubbly, energetic, and free-spirited. Their personalities combine to create a dynamic experience and understanding of living happy and free. They are both Licensed Professional Counselors in Colorado.

Brenda, what truth do you know?

Everything We Need is Within and Life can be simple.