Stand Alone… in your knowing

Whales captivate me. They draw me in to a space of wonderment, awe, majestic-ness, and beauty. These gigantic beings have such grace and awareness; existing in the vastness of the ocean. 

Humpback whales are mostly solitary creatures. They roam the grandness of the ocean individually, exploring the depths, singing their own, special song. With one of the largest migrations of any animal, a humpback travels approximately 5000 km every year from Alaska to Hawaii and back again. Using a deeper, innate knowledge to navigate their way the process is not rushed or prolonged. It is done in perfect timing to reach each destination. As other whales are met along the journey, they interact and socialize.  After which each one returns to his or her own journey Standing Alone in their knowing. 

In your individual journey, learn to Stand Alone in your knowing. Others will be met along the way to enable us to go deeper into ourselves and grow a stronger connection to our Essence. Some will test us in knowing and honoring our truth. Follow your internal migration in its perfect timing. Enjoy where you are, for this is only a step in the migration to the next facet of you. This is a Freesoul Experience.