Appreciating Fear

Fear has a grand purpose. I know, I know. You are thinking I am crazy. Here is the thing, fear is a blessing that serves as curriculum. Curriculum teaches us. Therefore, fear is here for us to continue our growth and remind us to connect to our essence. Are you with me now?

The Earth has a neon sign saying “Overcome Fear.” Set yourself free. Follow your experiences through the veil of fear into living happy and free. Getting locked into a story of “this shouldn’t be happening to me,” traps us in a story of victimhood, spinning in fear. Instead of playing the victim card, remember that you signed up for this experience here on Earth. You heard me. You asked for this. We want fear to come so we can do our work. Fear experiences are what we are here for. It shortens our time in fear when we find the appropriate response to fear. Quit choosing it. Be intentional and present in each moment to know and choose AAH. 

Don’t mishear me. I am not saying go seek the fear by purposely making decisions based on ick. When you find yourself in the ick, that is the moment to express gratitude for the opportunity to grow. If you are like me, sometimes the growing part is rejected at first. “Really? I have to do this again?” Yes, you do, until you realize these experiences keep coming until they are overcome, healed. So appreciate the fear. Have gratitude for what it is shining light on in your life. When we surrender to the reality of what is, we can then figure out how we created it and live more intentionally. 

This is a Freesoul Experience.