Warmth for the Body and the Heart

For two weeks my son has been asking to do a hot chocolate stand. I kept putting it off, not wanting to put the effort into it, not wanting to give up things on my to-do list, or miss out on “me” time. Fear of not having enough time wretched its way around my being. I was quick to dismiss this idea as “more hassle than it was worth.” 

Today his determination prevailed. Today, after a week of focusing on creativity and freedom, I was in a whole place to say yes. A quick run to the grocery store to get supplies, phone calls to nearby family members, and a mad dash to get set up were met with laughter by all three of my children. The universe provided as we all thought, felt, and acted from essence (peace, joy, freedom, abundance, and love). Many kind folk indulged. Some bought one cup and said keep the change. A Pueblo police officer stopped, much to the delight and fascination of my son and his cousin. Many kind folk stopped to give money just as a donation and encouragement for the children’s entrepreneurship. And even more honked and waved. Such generosity! 

This experience brought forth joy, gratitude, love, freedom, generosity, and laughter. Making a choice from an aah resulted in a very big AAH! Acting from essence allowed for Seeing Wholeness in the event, the patrons that stopped, and the children involved and Staying in my Field as a mentor, supporter during their money-making endeavor.

All this from an hour and half of time? AAAHHHHHH…This is a Freesoul Experience!