Fear of Success

Do you fear success? No, really. I know this seems silly, as most people dream of success. I realized something today…I keep myself small because of my fears of success. 

Ok, let’s dive into this one and dissect it. The truth is, I don’t fear my picture of success so much as I fear the process between right now and the future successful point. I often find myself in a fight with questions like, “Who do I think I am?” “Will I get to be present as a parent if I am successful?” “What will it feel like in the spotlight?” All of these things trip me up at times. I have known my whole life that I am here for a big purpose. Many times in life I have shied away from this truth because of fear. In this moment, I am facing these fears again. 

Have you felt this way? Have you created excuses for yourself to remain small that may be disguised as blaming others, becoming a victim, self-sabotaging, etc.? This is great curriculum to allow for a good look at yourself. It’s time to be honest with yourself. Are you holding yourself back? 

I have been in a bit of a funk lately. There, I said it. For the first time I can remember in my life this winter weather has me feeling blue. And then I realized, this isn’t about the weather. This isn’t about being tired from parent-hood (well not completely anyway). It definitely isn’t someone else fault. This is my opportunity to face my fears (again) and learn to experience these moments as a FREESOUL. 

1). See Wholeness: I am enlightened to the fears that are holding me back from living in Essence. A clearer picture is being created as to what and how success will look and be lived by me. I am empowered to choose my own experience of success. The universe is working FOR me, even when it is less obvious.

2). Stay in Your Field: The only place I have power and control is within myself. I can focus on the weather or I can focus on what experience I would like to have of the weather. Focusing on the AAHs allows for each decision to come from my own field and have foundation to build upon.

3). Stand Alone: Others do not have to be on board, like what I am doing, or agree with me. It is easy to Stand Alone when there is no resistance. Great practice is manifesting itself as I face the fear in action from others. Am I going to trust my knowing and hold true or am I going to allow the fear to become my experience and give up? Standing alone is usually a big strength of mine. It is always nice to work this muscle and become stronger. 

If you are like me and experiencing your own attempts to keep yourself small, focus on the three standards to find your own clarity on the next step. This is A Freesoul Experience!